If you’re not using LinkedIn to grow your firm – or if you’re using it and not getting the results you want – keep reading. This article will show you why you should be if you’re not and teach you how to turn your profile into a lead-generating machine. 

Best Social Media to Find New Leads

Did you know over 80% of the B2B leads generated on social media come from LinkedIn? That’s Pareto’s 80/20 principle in action, and it tells me that some platforms deserve more of your time and attention than others.

If you’re marketing accounting and tax services to business owners, you MUST have a solid strategy to take advantage of the gold rush that is LinkedIn.  

The One Big Mistake Every Accountant Makes on Linkedin

I’ve trained over 15,000 accountants, bookkeepers, and tax professionals on how to use LinkedIn to get high-paying virtual clients…

And there’s one mistake that 99.9% of them are making.

Here it is…

Your LinkedIn profile should be a sales page that speaks directly to your ideal clients…

Not a resume.

Most people have built their LinkedIn profile into a digital resume.

There are two major problems with that:

First, resumes are useful only after someone is interested in learning more about you. On LinkedIn, you must first show why you are an asset to your profile visitors because only then will they want to inquire about you and your services through a resume.

Second, most people have little knowledge of how to write a resume for maximum effectiveness. Many experts will tell you that you should be writing them (even the paper and staples kind) more like a sales letter anyway. If you are even unsure about the quality of your resume, it might not be the best way to attract leads.  

So, what SHOULD my profile look like?

Your profile is like a salesperson.

It sells your services to anyone who finds you in a search or looks you up directly. You want the best salesperson possible, and the best salespeople focus on benefits and solutions, not features.

Here’s what I mean:

Let’s pull back the curtain for a minute and take a look at my LinkedIn profile so you can see how I have structured my profile.

The key to grabbing and holding attention is to make it all about the reader, your ideal client.

See, a resume is all about you, but a great salesperson is focused on the wants and needs of the buyer.

See how my headline and summary are all about my ideal clients?

Self-employed dentists see that I’m talking directly to them and that I understand their problems and frustrations.

That’s the key first step toward believing that I can help them solve that problem.

The LinkedIn Profile Funnel

A resume is like that boring relative telling long stories about people you’ve never met.

But a profile that reads like a sales letter is like a conversation where people are talking about you. You’re going to stay interested and keep listening to what they have to say.

Your LinkedIn profile can be that powerful!

Also, notice that my summary contains a call to action where I invite the reader to visit my website or email me for a consultation call.

You’ll learn a lot more about my consultative model if you check out my free webinar, but, for now, think about what action you want your reader to take before they leave your profile. Ask them to take that step and make it easy.      

If you get this right, people will start reaching out to you, like they did with Masheka:

Your profile should paint a compelling picture of what you bring to the table and how working with you will make your client’s life better and easier. This isn’t complicated.

Accountants make people’s lives easier every day by helping them handle their money and reduce financial risks. Just present to them how you could be the answer to their current problems and stresses. You will cater directly to their needs and, ultimately, help them achieve both their business and life goals.

This all comes together when you use the tools on LinkedIn to connect with highly targeted people who are your ideal clients. I teach people to do this every day.

Once you start drawing hundred of pairs of eyes (the right eyes) to your sales-page-style profile, you’ll be generating leads and bringing in new clients every week!  

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