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The Entrepreneurial Accountants Facebook Group

Our Facebook group is an active and engaged community of over 6,000 self-employed accounting, bookkeeping, and tax professionals.

It’s a place to share ideas and experiences, ask questions from peers, and spark relevant discussions.

We’d love to have you! You can join here.

The Firm Builder Challenge

The Firm Builder Challenge is a free 3.5 hour online course on digital marketing for accountants that can be found in the Units section of our Facebook group.

If you want to level up your sales and marketing skills and become part of a community of entrepreneurial accountants who want you to succeed, the Firm Builder Challenge will give you the tools and strategies you need.

You can get instant free access to the course here.

Accounting Document Vault

Have you ever written a letter and then just stared at it for minutes, trying to think of every possible angle so you’re 100% sure you’ve said everything you need to?

As an accountant, writing can be a huge time-suck.

We have to do a lot of writing – proposals, engagement letters to hire clients, client interview sheets, onboarding checklists, letters to fire bad clients. The list goes on and on

So after years of struggling with writing letters and other documents, I finally decided to sit down and make high-quality templates for all the letters and documents we use in my firm on a regular basis.

I thought it would be cool to put these templates together as a free resource for our community.

You can instantly download the free templates here. There’s no catch.

Million Dollar Firm Secrets Webinar

What if I told you that most accountants work way too hard?

If you’re a bookkeeper who’s tired of working yourself to death at year-end, or a tax professional who feels like you have to work way too hard during busy season just to stay caught up…

Would you like to see the 3-step method I use to get virtual accounting and tax clients who are eager and willing to pay premium fees?

If so, then I invite you to register for a training where I’ll give you a step-by-step overview of my system.

There is no cost for this training and nothing will be held back…

You’ll also be able to hear from some of my coaching clients who’ve had success implementing it in their own firms.

Discover the 3 secrets of 7-figure accounting and tax practices here.